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Homeschool With Index Cards
Not Just for Flashcards Anymore!

Index Cards: Why W
Flag study, or vexillology, is a great way to get to know the different countries
around the world.  This set is geared to help your students learn more about the
"Flags Around the World".  Each flag can help to tell its country's history.  But it is
also just a great way to get to know the geography of our world, too.

One of the neat things I noticed in the weeks I created this set, is just how many
flags I can now recognize.  Watching tv shows or movies, I am able to name a
country, just based on this symbol flown on a pole, or held in someone's hands.

But truly, isn't that what a flag is...a symbol of that country?  We could be
educating future diplomats!  :O)

The FLAGS AROUND THE WORLD set is comprised of:
  • Index Card "flashcards" from well over 200 countries of the world.  These are
    listed in alphabetical order, as well as being grouped together by
    continent/geographical area.  These cards are formatted to be printed on 3x5
    index cards.  You also receive a card that is a quick facts card to be printed on
    the back of the flag card.
                 Sample:    Index Card

  • Notebooking Forms from over 200 countries.  Each notebooking form contains
    the country's flag.  Almost all of the notebooking forms contain a colored map
    of the country.  (There are only a few of the total set that do not.  Due to
    copyright laws, I could not always access a picture of the country.  However, I
    left space for you to add your own picture or allow your child to draw a map of
    that country.) These pages are formatted to be printed on regular copy paper.
                  Samples:    Notebooking Form   (Notebooking Form filled out)

As an added bonus, you will also receive blank outline maps for each continent,
as well as one world map.  There are also a few additional links to other websites
to help with your studies.

Don't think of this set simply as a flag set, think of it as an adventure around the
world!  One that will include history, geography, writing, etc.  You can take this
as far as you want to go!
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Regular Price $12.95
Heads Up:
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can work out a feasible solution, the links will be sent
manually.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  I appreciate
your patience while I work on this problem.
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