FAQ Before getting your new roof

Before making the decision to have a new roof put on, here are some questions for you to consider asking.

Ask if they’re workers are skilled or are they on the job training.

Ask about any surprise problems that could show up, adding to extra costs.

Ask the roofing contractor if they have a firm BBB rating. Are roof repairs included for future problems that may come?

 BBB stands for the better business bureau. Ask if they have a work history with the company.

 4. Ask how long it will take before the job to get finished. It’s good to have an idea as to how long the workers will be there and ask what happens if the job takes longer than expected. It’s also a considerate thought to let your neighbors know so they can expect to hear all of the noise.

5. Ask about the payment method. Does the company expect you to pay in full, or can a payment arrangement be set up?

6. Will the company have a permit? It is a violation for most cities and states to have a new roof put on without the contractor providing access to a license.

7. Does the company have a card that provides their current phone number and address? If you need to contact them, you will want to have this information available.

8. What about any damage the company finds after they tear off your old roof? Will you be charged extra if this happens?

9. Take some time to do some research to see how long they have been in business. If their answer is fifteen to thirty years, you can be confident that they are well experienced and trustworthy. On the other hand, if they say two or three years, you want to research other contractors. Also, ask the company ever used any other name besides the one they provided for you. If they do, this tells you they are hiding from something, and that is never good.

10. Ask if they have a warranty. And ask if it covers roof repairs that the roof may need.

11. Does the company have a valid license with no violations and or penalties of it?

12. Ask if the roofers clean up after themselves every day. You do not want to be entering and exiting your house with nails being in your walkway or any other materials.

13. How will my landscape be protected? Having a new roof put on involves a lot of equipment, and you do not want your flowers and other landscaping destroyed. If they do destroy something, are they willing to replace or repair it?

14. Are subcontractors involved? If so, beware. There will be no guarantee that they are doing professional work. And they may not be with the hired company of your choice.

15. Is the company and or contractor bonded? This contract is something you may want to consider checking into because this means a guarantee for you. It is like insurance by a third party guaranteeing satisfactory work if you are not 100% satisfied with the job, it is the issuers’ responsibility to refund you.

Are their referrals? Incliuding anyone that has had a roof repair.

16.what about my gutters? You should ask if they use ladder stabilizers. Ladders can do a great deal of damage to your gutters.

17. Is disposing of my old roof included? Most companies provide this but, make sure you ask so you don’t end up with a surprise bill.

18. Will they include edge metal? Edge metal is used to protect your roof from water getting under the plywood and causing your roof to rot. It will cause the water to go straight into the gutters allowing for proper drainage.

18. Will my roof be covered with a tarp at the end of the work day.

This is very important because it will keep your exposed roof safe from any bad weather that may come.

19. Is your company involved with any associations? This is a plus for the roofing company.

20. Is the company currently working on any other projects? If they are go check it out. This will give you a good feed back on how well they do their work.

21. How much does the roofing company charge per square foot? It never hurts to get more than one estimate. Just be cautious of those who offer unusually low prices.

22. Can I get a pre-screening from the company over the phone? This will help you determine if they are creditable.