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Homeschool With Index Cards
Not Just for Flashcards Anymore!
This is my favorite
notebooking site hands down.  
Not only are there oodles of
free pages, the products are
Here is where you will find the
timeline figures I highly
recommend in my guide.  Also, take
a look at the Time Travelers history
sets, as well as the Activity Paks.  
We just started using those this
year.  They are all fantastic!
A site for great history kits.  
The kits include everything
your child needs to complete
history based projects.
Hands and
Lapbooks and More!
A fantastic site for lapbook
products, as well as
notebooking and copywork
Wonderful black line maps.  
They also have great
historical biographies.
Quest Maps
Classical Astronomy--get to know
the constellations and other
heavenlies with only your eyes--and
Jay's wonderful book
Signs and
!  We just completed
reading through it and the kids have
such wonderful "sky knowledge"!
It is absolutely wonderful!  I am so
glad we were introduced to this new
math program.  I just cannot say
enough about it!
A great math program for anyone, but
it flows nicely with either a Ruth
Beechick  or Charlotte Mason
approach, as well.
Do math the
5-a-Day way!
This is a fantastic site which helps you
incorporate "living math" books into your
studies.  I had no idea the library was so
full of books that could help my children
learn math concepts in story format.
Julie also offer affordable lesson plans to
help you incorporate these ideas into your
After seeing this game set at a friend's house, I
purchased one for our house.  I highly recommend it.
 These games are fantastic ways to review many
important math concepts.  You can purchase the
game book separately, or with the card sets and all
necessary materials.  I purchased the entire set,
knowing I could make the cards on my own.  
However, buying the set saved me a lot of time, as
well as giving me a place to keep it all together.
Right Start
Game Set
General Homeschooling Resources

Sign Up for their FREE radio
show to be sent to your Inbox
every week!  They also offer
many great homeschool
Great selection of FREE
worksheets as well as
products for purchase!
Home Management
Great site to equip women to
better take care of their homes by
teaching homemaking skills that
many of us were never taught.
See my review at
my blog.
Out of the
Nest and
Finally a veteran homeschooler has come
along and written a book to help
homeschoolers with organization, but
most of all, organizing our lives around
the Lord.  Ideas go well with index cards
as well!  See my review at
my blog.
Here you will find resources to help in
many aspects of home managment and
home education, being a godly wife
and mother, and becoming the type of
woman God is calling you to be.
Life-Led Learning
Creating a gentle education from
everyday experiences.